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There are two types of volunteers within AYSO:
  • Volunteers that work with or around children on a regular basis (Coaches, Referees and Team Managers if supervising team) or have access to registration information (most Board members). This page is focused on the training/certification requirements for this group.
  • Volunteers that do not typically work around children or don't have access to any system information (Fields Liners, Goal Setup) are called Team Volunteers and are not required to be certified.
How to Sign Up
All volunteers in the first group must sign-up in
  1. Login to your account at If volunteer is not the same person that registered the player or does not have a player in the program, the volunteer needs to create their own account!
  2. In the top right drop-down there is an Account link which takes you to a page with MY ACCOUNT, CALENDAR, VOLUNTEER, MY ORDER options
  3. Click on the 'VOLUNTEER' tab on the left side
  4. Click the blue 'FIND VOLUNTEER ROLE' button in the top right
  5. Select the Volunteer role. If you do not see a role/division you may need to click the 'Show All Available Opportunities' button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Enter your information and read/accept waivers and agreements.
  7. After completing the sign-up look for an email from [email protected] (check spam folder if you don't receive it) to start your background check.
Certification and Training
All volunteers that work directly with players (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Referees and Board members) are required to go through various levels of certifications per various AYSO and state guidelines. These certifications are:
  1. Sterling Background Check: This is done through an external vendor (Sterling Volunteers) for AYSO National. When you signed up for one of the background checked volunteer roles, you should have received an email from Sterling Volunteers ([email protected]) with a link to their website to start the background check process. If you didn't receive the email, or you would prefer not to click on a link in an email, follow these instructions:
    1. Login to your account at
    2. Click on the 'Volunteer tab' on the left side
    3. In the 'Certification' area of the page, click on the check box for the 'Risk Status' row and then click on the 'Renew & Update' button
    4. On the popup, verify and update (if required) your information and click on the 'Submit' button
    5. Click on the 'Submit' button on the next page asking you to confirm that you want to initiate a background check
    6. The next popup will say the background check request has been submitted, so click on the 'Continue' button
  2. AYSO Safe Haven: this is an online class taken on the ASYOU Training website located in Volunteers section of click the AYSOU link which will take you to the AYSOU Training Website (you may need to refresh once if the AYSOU button does not appear the first time.

  3. In the AYSOU Training Website click the Training Library to find courses. The first course you should take is AYSO's Safe Haven Online:
  4. Concussion Awareness: this is an online class taken on the ASYOU Training website. See instructions below on how to access this training.
  5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest: this is an online class taken on the ASYOU Training website. See instructions below on how to access this training.
  6. SafeSport: This is a new requirement based on an expansion of the 2017 Safe Sport Act for 2022. This is an online class provided by an external vendor. To access this training, follow these instructions:
  7. Fingerprinting: This is a new requirement by the State of California. You will need to register for an AYSO-hosted fingerprinting event (check with [email protected] for schedule) or get fingerprinted at a participating UPS store. Fingerprinting is not a prerequisite to accessing AYSOU so you can continue to step 3. Follow these instructions to signup for in-person event:
    1. In-person Fingerprinting
      1. Go to and click on the big red 'Get Fingerprinted at a Sponsored AYSO Event' button
      2. On the 'User Validation' popup, enter your email and click on the 'Proceed' button
      3. Check your email for a 6 digit code to enter on the 'User Validation' popup and click on the 'Proceed' button
      4. In the 'Region Number' dropdown for Step 1, scroll down and select the Region 44 option ('2J44 - AYSO - REGION 44 | 2J44') and click on the red 'Next' button
      5. In the next section (Step 2), fill out the information in the yellow boxes and click on the red 'Next' button
      6. In the next section (Step 3), click on the red 'Schedule Appointment' button.
      7. In the next section (Step 4), select the date on the calendar that the event is taking place (next Sunnyvale event is 3/12), then select a specific time on the list of available appointments, then click on the red 'Next' button. Note that this will be your appointment time, so be sure and be there about 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
        IMPORTANT: Note that when you first get to this page, the calendar is showing the current date, NOT the date of the fingerprinting event you had selected in the previous step. This gets confusing because it says 'No appointments available for the selected date. Please select a different date on the calendar'. You have to specifically select the date for the event you had selected (3/5, 3/12, or 3/19) before the available appointment times are displayed for you to pick one.
      8. In the next section (Step 5), you will be required to watch a 4 minute video that walks you through what you will need to bring to your fingerprinting appointment and what to expect. When you are done with the video, click on the red 'Next' button.
      9. Follow the prompts from there and you will be emailed a QR code which you will need to present when you arrive for your appointment. Note that you should NOT be charged for this. If you are, stop the process and email us at [email protected]
    2. Pre-paid Coupon (similar to above)
      1.  Email [email protected] for a coupon code.
      2. Check for participating locations
      3. Go to and enter your information (make sure to use same legal name as your identification/Driver's License) and select location and time for your fingerprinting. Please do not leave process after entering your code or you will need a new code.
      4. Call ahead before your fingerprinting just to make sure fingerprinting is available.
Coach Training
All AYSO Coaches must take the relevant coach training courses for the age group they will be coaching. Training for Playground, 6U, and 8U Coaches can all be done online. There's an option to do these in-person as well, but it is dependent on scheduling availability. Training for 10U+ consists of an online training course plus a mandatory in-person coach training session. To access the AYSO Coach Training online courses, follow these steps:
  • Login to your account at
  • Click on the 'Volunteer' tab on the left side
  • Under your name, click on the 'AYSOU' button
  • You should now be taken to and automatically logged in to the AYSO training website
  • Click on the 'Training Library' link on the left side for Online courses
  • Click on the blue 'View Courses' button in the 'Coaching' section. All the required online coaching courses are within this section.
  • Click on the blue 'Enroll' button to take online Coach Training course relevant to the age group that you will be coaching.
  • Click on the 'Training Events' link for In-person courses and use the search calendar to find courses.
Referee Training
All AYSO Referees must take relevant referee training courses for the age group they will be refereeing. In AYSOU
  • For 8U take the 8U Official Course - Online
  • For 10U and above take either:
    • Regional Referee - Online + In-Person (3-4 hours) Companion Bundle or
    • Full In-Person Regional Referee Course (6 hours)

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