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-======Spring Select====== +======Spring Select ​2016====== 
-=====  U12G Sunnyvale ​Inferno Concord Cup Champions ===== +Sunnyvale ​Spring Select Soccer is an AYSO competitive soccer program that plays in a bay area league during the spring, and participates in several California AYSO tournaments. ​  ​Players must commit to tournaments most weekendsstarting with the President'​s Cup in late February and continuing through May.  **Players are required ​to have participated in at least half the preceding Fall season** ​and are placed based on tryouts held in November. Eligible players have been notified of their eligibility via email.
-Congratulations to Sunnyvale Infernoled by coaches Tom De Franco ​and James NoeConcord Cup Champions! \\ +
-{{:​news:​img_1300.jpg?​700|}} +
-\\ +
----- +
-=====  U12G Sunnyvale Inferno takes 1st place in President'​s Cup ===== +
-Congratulations ​to Sunnyvale Inferno, led by coaches Tom De Franco ​and James Noe, on taking 1st Place in the President'​s cup! \\ +
-{{:​news:​u12g_inferno_1.jpg?​700|}} +
-====== Sunnyvale Strike Force U14 Boys ======+===== Tryouts Dates/​Locations ​===== 
 +U10B - TBD\\ 
 +U10G - TBD\\ 
 +U12B - November 8 at Hollenbeck\\ 
 +U12G - November 8 at Hollenbeck\\ 
 +U14B - TBD\\ 
 +U14G - TBD\\ 
 +U16B - TBD\\
-{{:​news:​2012-u14-sunnyvale-strike-force-davis-world-cup-champs.jpg?700|}}+===== Contact ===== 
 +If you would like to attend a tryout, or would like to play and cannot attend the scheduled tryout, please contact the coach for that division If you do not have the coach'​s information,​ or have any other problems or questions, ​ please contact <a href="​r44soccer@gmail.com">​Dana Davis (Spring Select Coordinator)</​a>​. 
 +===== Registration Process ===== 
 +Coaches will be collecting registration materials and fees. \\ 
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