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-======Spring Select======+======Spring Select 2014====== 
 +Sunnyvale Spring Select Soccer is an AYSO competitive soccer program that plays in a bay area league during the spring, and participates in several California AYSO tournaments.   Players must commit to tournaments most weekends, starting with the President's Cup in late February and continuing through May.  **Players are required to have participated in at least half the preceding Fall season** and are placed based on tryouts.
-=====  U12G Sunnyvale Inferno takes 1st place in President's Cup ===== +===== Tryouts Dates/Locations ===== 
-Congratulations to Sunnyvale Infernoled by coaches Tom De Franco and James Noeon taking 1st Place in the President's cup! \\ +U10B - Sunday 11/3\\ 
-{{:news:u12g_inferno_1.jpg?700|}}+U10G - Sunday 11/10, 10-12,  Hollenbeck (Challenger School)\\ 
 +U12B - Sunday 11/3, 12:30-3, Hollenbeck (Challenger School)\\ 
 +U12G - Sunday 11/3\\ 
 +U14B - Sunday 11/3\\ 
 +U14G - Sunday 10/13, 10 - 1, San Antonio Park\\ 
 +U16B - Thursday 10/10, 5:15 - 7, San Antonio Park\\ 
 +===== Contact ===== 
 +If you would like to attend a tryoutor would like to play and cannot attend the scheduled tryoutplease contact the coach for that division.  If you do not have the coach's information, or have any other problems or questions,  please contact <a href="r44soccer@gmail.com">Dana Davis (Spring Select Coordinator)</a>. 
 +===== Registration Process ===== 
 +Coaches will be collecting registration materials and fees. \\ 
 \\ \\
-====== Sunnyvale Strike Force U14 Boys ====== 
-{{:news:2012-u14-sunnyvale-strike-force-davis-world-cup-champs.jpg?700|}}+=====  U12G Sunnyvale Inferno 2013 Concord Cup Champions ===== 
 +Congratulations to Sunnyvale Inferno, led by coaches Tom De Franco and James Noe, Concord Cup Champions! \\ 
 +=====  U12G Sunnyvale Inferno takes 1st place in 2013 President's Cup ===== 
 +Congratulations to Sunnyvale Inferno, led by coaches Tom De Franco and James Noe, on taking 1st Place in the President's cup! \\ 
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