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-======  Spring Season 2013 ====== +======  Spring Season 2015 ====== 
-Registration for the Spring Season is now open. The Spring Season will run from March 16th - May 18th.  Divisions U5 - U12 will be available in the recreational league. Division placement for Spring is the same as the previous Fall season, see below for age cutoffs.\\ +Spring Season has begun and registration is closed.  Registration for the [[registration:fall|Fall Season]] will open May 1st  
- \\ +
-**Game Locations**\\ +
-All divisions will have a Sunnyvale coach and practice in Sunnyvale.  The U5-U8 Divisions will play in Sunnyvale.  However due to the smaller number of teams in the Spring, **the U10 and U12 divisions will be playing teams from other regions, and will have games in surrounding cities**\\+
 \\ \\
-**U5 Program**\\ +==== Refund Policy ==== 
-The U5 program will be offered this season.  It will be held Saturday mornings between 8:30 and 10 (location TBD.)\\ +Should a player need to withdraw from the Spring Season, the refund offered will depend on when the request is received, as follows: 
-\\ +  Prior to February 1: Full refund\\ 
- <html> +  * During team formation, but prior to first game of the seasonPartial refund ($60)\\ 
 +  * After the season begins: No refund\\
-<!--Registration will remain open until the season starts on September 8, however all players may be waitlisted.  We cannot guarantee team placement as some divisions are already full, and because team formation is mostly complete, buddy requests can not be honored.  If you have questions about availability for your child's age group, please contact the <html> <a href="mailto:registrar12@ayso44.org">registrar</a>+All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing (email) directly to the [[board:contacts|treasurer or registrar]]\\
-**Players are not on the waitlist until they have completed their online registration, submitted their signed forms, and paid.  A full refund will be issued if we are unable to place the player on a team** 
-Sunnyvale AYSO is open to all boys and girls aged 3 1/2 to 18 (see chart below for date cutoffs.) +== Contact == 
- +If you have questions that are not answered here please check the [[info:faq|Frequently Asked Questions]].  For any <html> other problems or issues please contact the <a href="mailto:mnoe47@yahoo.com ">Regional Commissioner</aor the <a href="mailto:ayso44reg@gmail.com">Registrar</a>.
-The registration cost for the Fall 2012 Season is $130. Your fee includes: +
-  * Jersey and Socks +
-  * Photo +
-  * Trophy/Medal +
-  * AYSO Insurance +
-  +
 </html> </html>
-The registration cost for the Spring 2013 Season is $90. Your fee includes:\\ 
-  * Uniform 
-  * Pin 
-  * AYSO Insurance 
-\\ +Sunnyvale AYSO is co-sponsored by the City of Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Department.
-Fall 2013 Registration will open in May.+
-==== Buddy Requests ==== 
-Sunnyvale AYSO will allow "buddy" requests under the following conditions: 
-  * Buddies must be mutually requested 
-  * Buddy requests cannot interfere with team balancing 
-  * Buddy requests are the last consideration in team formation 
-In order to make a buddy request, please enter the buddy's name (first and last) in the sibling box of the registration form, or email the <html><a href="mailto:ayso44reg@gmail.com">registrar</a></html> with your request. 
-==== Division Assignment ==== 
-Players are generally assigned to a division based on their age. Children may play in a higher division than is usual for their age, but never lower. If you would like to request that your child play up please notify the <html><a href="mailto:ayso44reg@gmail.com">registrar</a></html> when you submit your registration. 
-Guidelines for placement are as follows: 
-^  Division  ^  Typical Age  ^  Typical Grades  ^  Age Cut-off Dates by Date of Birth  ^ 
-|  U05  |  4  |  PreK  |  8/1/07 - 1/31/09  | 
-|  U06  |  5  |  K  |  8/1/06 - 7/31/07  | 
-|  U07*  |  6  |  1  |  8/1/05 - 7/31/06  | 
-|  U08  |  7  |  2  |  8/1/04 - 7/31/05  | 
-|  U10  |  8-9  |  3-4  |  8/1/02 - 7/31/04  | 
-|  U12  |  10-11  |  5-6  |  8/1/00 - 7/31/02  | 
-|  U14  |  12-13  |  7-8  |  8/1/98 - 7/31/00  | 
-|  U16  |  14-15  |  9-10  |  8/1/96 - 7/31/98  | 
-|  U19  |  16-18  |  11-12  |  8/1/93 - 7/31/96  | 
-*Fall boys teams only.  Girls in this age range, and boys in Spring, play U08. 
-==== Volunteers ==== 
-We are always in need of coaches and referees! Volunteering to be a coach, referee, or board member will guarantee your child a spot on a team. 
-Sunnyvale AYSO provides training for coaches, referees, and board members at no cost to the volunteer (except your time!) This training is among the best available from any youth sports organization and AYSO's coach training is accredited by the NCACE. 
-Please follow these steps to pre-register as a volunteer: 
-  - Complete the online volunteer registration form  
-    - Log in to <html><a href="http://eayso.org">eAYSO</a></html> 
-    - Click on the big blue "AYSO Volunteers" button.** Do NOT register players or click on the AYSO parents button in eAYSO. Region 44 uses the WebYouthSoccer site for player registration.** 
-  - Print 2 copies of your volunteer forms and sign where indicated. 
-      - Returning volunteers who are "Active" in eAYSO and able to fill out the "Returning volunteer re-registration" forms in eAYSO may submit their registration by mail. 
-      - New volunteers, or those no longer "Active" in eAYSO, must bring their 2 signed volunteer registration forms and their driver's license or passport to one of the following: 
-        * Coaches Meeting 
-        * Referee Refresher Training 
-        * Walk-In Registration 
-        * Your Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) 
-        * A Regional Board Member 
-===== Registration Process ===== 
-=== Pre-registration === 
-  - Complete the player online registration form in <html><a href="https://r44.webyouthsoccer.com/online_reg/?region=44">WebYouthSoccer</a></html> (WYS - not eAYSO!) 
-    - Specify your player's buddy requests in the sibling box, if applicable 
-    - Specify your volunteer preferences in WYS, so we can match your volunteer role with your player's team. (All volunteers must go through the additional registration process above.) 
-  - Print forms and sign where indicated. 
-**Note: If you are informed your child will be waitlisted, do complete the process.  We are able to place most waitlisted players, but they are not actually on the waitlist until their online registration has been completed, signed forms submitted, and payment received.  A full refund will be issued if we are unable to place the player on a team** 
-=== Completing Your Registration === 
-To complete your registration the following items must be submitted to the registrar: 
-  - **Forms** Completed, signed registration forms  
-  - **Payment** If you did not pay with Paypal online, you will need a check payable to "Sunnyvale AYSO".  Cash is also accepted at registration events. 
-  - **Proof of age** If your player has not played in Region 44 before, you must provide proof of age by including a **copy** of the player's birth certificate or passport with the registration forms (no originals by mail please.) 
-You can mail these to: 
-**AYSO Region 44 Registrar\\ 
-863 Oracle Oak Pl\\ 
-Sunnyvale, CA 94086** 
-Another option is to attend one of our walk-in registration events: 
-Saturday, December 15th 5pm-7pm 
-**Sports Basement\\ 
-1177 Kern Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086** 
-== Contact == 
-If you have any problems or issues please contact <a href="mailto:rc12@ayso44.org">Sagit Andrews (Regional Commissioner)</a>. 
-== Financial Aid == 
-Financial Aid is available, please contact our registrar <a href="mailto:ayso44reg@gmail.com">Jennifer Treichler</a> for more information. 
-Sunnyvale AYSO is co-sponsored by the City of Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Department. 
-**Everyone Plays! Everyone Wins!** 
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