Becoming an AYSO Referee is an excellent way to volunteer and help the kids have a safe, fun, and fair game. No experience required!! You just need to have a willingness to learn and spend a little time practicing new skills.

AYSO Provides Training

  • Certified instructors teach the course based on a curriculum standardized nationwide. The course assumes no knowledge of or prior experience with soccer and is an ideal introduction for parents new to AYSO soccer, even those with no plans to referee.
  • Class sessions before season starts
  • More advanced training available as you gain experience.

AYSO Provides Equipment

  • Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Hat, Badge
  • Watch, Flags, Whistle, Cards, Name Tag, Ball Pump

Note: You provide the shoes and the smile!

Flexible Scheduling

  • Becoming certified does not result in an obligation to referee.
  • You are not required to referee a certain number of games.
  • You can block scheduling for weekends you are away.
  • Proposed ssignments are subject to your accept/decline via the Web Youth Soccer scheduling system.
  • New referees are provided on-site mentoring during their first games so that they are comfortable with the role and get their questions answered.

To achieve full referee coverage on all games each team's Coach should plan on recruiting 2 parents to attend the training. The referee-volunteers are not obliged to referee, but attending the training is an important investment to insure a quality soccer experience for every team. The Regional Referee Program is entirely run and staffed by volunteers.

It is fun!

  • Learn the official rules of the game
  • Get a little exercise
  • Have a positive influence on the kids
  • Great camaraderie among all our AYSO Volunteers
  • Forever more, see the game with a new perspective!


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