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This page has general information for parents. For specific questions, the FAQ may be more helpful!

AYSO is a volunteer organization. In our region we have the following volunteer categories: team volunteers, league volunteers, referees, and regional board.

Most parents start off as team volunteers. Many decide to take a more active role in the region and volunteer to participate on the regional board or as a referee. Without the participation of parents this organization would cease to exist.

However, the most important part of being a parent is to support your child. To help support your child, AYSO Region 44 has provided a parent handbook which includes additional information on AYSO. Also, please review the parent pledge which reminds us all of the proper conduct expected from a parent with a child in AYSO.


The Region supplies each player with a shirt (with the original AYSO logo properly affixed), a pair of socks, and in some divisons, shorts. Each player is expected to provide his/her own appropriate footwear and shin guards. No player may participate in a game or practice without shirt, socks, shorts, shin guards and appropriate footwear. Players may wear bicycling shorts if they are the same color as the uniform shorts. Adequate footwear can be either tennis shoes or cleats. If cleats are purchased, they must be designed for soccer (not baseball) - no toe cleats, no exposed metal.

Players may not wear jewelry of any kind (including chains, watches, body jewelry and earrings, bandannas or other ornamentation) or anything else that may cause risk of injury to the player or to other players during the game. Medical information bracelets should not be removed, but must be padded and taped to the players skin.

Hard casts (including padded casts), splints, helmets and hard padding are not permitted to be worn by a player during any game or practice. Players with permanent orthodontic braces are strongly encouraged to wear mouth guards.

The Region supplies the coach a set of balls to be used during practice and games. If you would like to purchase a ball for your child, you should purchase one of the proper size for the age group. A full size ball is described as a 5, and is used by players 12 and up. The next size down is a 4 and is used by players from 8 to 11. The smallest ball used by AYSO is a 3 and it is used for players under 8.

The Game

The referee staff will inspect all players and inform them of any last minute changes or alert them to any problem areas on the field.

The game is broken into two equal halves with a 5 minute break in between. The length of this break is at the discretion of the referee. If it is a hot day, the break may be lengthened. At approximately half way through each half, the referee will stop the game to allow quarter substitutions. This is not a break, and no player should leave the field with the exception of those leaving the game. Players can get a drink at any time by coming to the side line and having a parent/coach hand them their water bottle. They are not to enter or leave the field without referee permission.

Division Game Time
U19 45 minute halves
U16 40 minute halves
U14 35 minute halves
U12 30 minute halves
U10 25 minute halves
U8 20 minute halves
U6 15 minute halves

At the end of the game, the players on each team shall line up and shake hands with the players of the opposing team and thank the referee and assistant referees.

Dispute Resolution

It is the policy of the Region to resolve all disputes concerning persons involved in the Region in an amicable way. Compromise should be emphasized whenever possible, and personality conflicts should be avoided. If disciplinary action is found to be necessary, it is the Regions policy to take only the minimum action necessary. All means available should be taken to avoid legal action.

It is the policy of the Region to avoid punishing the players for the conduct of the parents except when there is no other solution (e.g., where a parent cannot or will not cease his or her disruptive behavior).

It is the policy of the Region to avoid wiping out years of good memories of AYSO and good service to AYSO, and that suspension or removal procedures are to be used only as a last resort. Voluntary resignation is preferable to a suspension or removal procedure.

It is the policy of the Region to avoid publicizing the suspension or removal proceedings beyond those individuals who need to know, and to respect the privacy of the individuals involved. However, the Regional Commissioner or Regional Board should notify the Area Director, the Section Director, the National Support and Training Center or members of the AYSO Legal Commission of the pending proceedings pursuant to the operating regulations, and must comply with all applicable regulations and laws requiring suspension, abuse and similar events.

If you have been unable to resolve a problem with a coach, referee, etc., please contact the next person in the respective chain (see Board of Directors).

Coaching Officiating
Coach Referee
Division Coordinator
Regional Coach Administrator Regional Referee Administrator
Regional Commissioner and/or Asst. Regional Commissioner
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