Field Information

If you need a copy of a permit, have questions regarding practice fields, or have any disputes over field use, please contact the Regional Coach Administrator or Field Manager.

Game Locations

Depending on season, Region 44 uses the following fields:

Higher division teams will be play on fields in neighboring regions. To locate them, find the fields links on the appropriate region's site:

If your child's team is using a different field for practice in our area and you would like to have it mapped on this site, please contact the webmaster.


The league works closely with Sunnyvale to keep their parks in good shape. Playing a day's worth of soccer on a soaked field can do significant damage to a field and be very expensive to fix. The standard process for notifying teams of a rain out is:

  • Regional Commissioner and Field Manager decide if games are to be cancelled
  • Division Coordinators are notified
  • Division Coordinators notify their coaches
  • Coach is responsible for notifying the parents

Our decision will generally match the conditions reported on the Sunnyvale Turf Hotline: (408) 730-7585.

If a game is cancelled for any reason, the league does not schedule make-up games. The reason for this is that no standings are kept of the season record, so there is no need to make up a game. If a coach wishes to schedule a scrimmage with the other team, they may do so if they do not disrupt any other teams practice on a given field.

Goal Setup

The teams in the first game of the day are responsible for setting up goals, those in the last game are responsible for taking them down. We have instructions with pictures for how this is done.

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