Whom to contact about what:

Game day
Schedule changes (postpone/cancel game): Derrick Scholl (Referee Scheduler)
Safety Issues, First Aid, Injuries, Accidents: Paul Merritt (Safety Director)
Any field issues, questions, concerns: Prakash Giri (Fields Manager)
Any coach issues, questions, concerns: Dana Davis (Coach Administrator)
Any referee issues, questions, concerns: Derrick Scholl (Referee Administrator)

Registration: Jill Shanmugasundaram (Registrar)
To withdraw from a season: Jill Shanmugasundaram (Registrar)
Website issues: Jennifer Treichler (Webmaster)
Help with eAYSO: Jill Shanmugasundaram (Registrar)

VIP Program John Robbins (VIP Director)
Division Coordinators, and other positions: please see this season's board member list

All other questions, or to volunteer for any role: Margaret Noe (Regional Commissioner)

Sunnyvale AYSO Hotline: 408-749-1950

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