Date: Monday, March 11, 2013
Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm
Location: Mary Manor Clubhouse, 125 N. Mary Ave
Attended: Sagit A., Brian B., Ken F., Chandra R., Derrick S., Hari C., Margaret N., Jenny T., Mark A.


Closing Spring Registration on Saturday March 16. Spring registration went well, U10B Full, U10G Full, U12B Full, U6C Full. Open division U5C, U8 B/G.

Fall registration dates - Jenny will contact Sports Basement to set up 3 walk in registration events.
Possible dates we discussed: May 4th, May 19, another one in June (weekday)

Calendar dates
Fall Registration will open May 1.
First Game is Saturday September 7th
Last Game is Saturday November 9th
Regional Tournament- U10-U14 Open to November 16/17 or November 23/24. Will discuss in July.

Sagit will be Treasurer effective May 1, 2013. Brian will help at the May board meeting with Budget report for 2013/2014. Region has enough money to start working on volunteer recognition programs.

Referee update
Had a U8 Official class on Friday March 8. 4 Adults and 2 youth referees. Talked about putting together a Regional Referee Class in the near future. UPDATE-Regional Referee class is scheduled for March 29 (U8 official) March 30 (Regional Referee)
Approved Blue referee shirts for mentors.

UK Trainers
Discussed if we can afford and would like to agree to budget $1000 for Spring Select teams training. 2 Weeks schedule. This was not included in the registration fees however do we feel that some of our select teams can benefit from some extra training especially for new select coaches.

The vote for UK trainers was tabled. Brian offered to work with the select coaches for two weeks and go from there.

Margaret going to the RC training in April. Margaret RC effective May 1.

National Games
Once Margaret return from training she is going to put in for the National Games as incoming RC. We have decided to put in for U12G and U14G. I thought we wanted U10G but I haven't heard anything about this division. Deadline is May 15th.

Ken brought up the permanent goals for San Antonio. This has been approved in the past (at cost of $1500-$2000) therefore he is going to gather info on coast, permits, maintenance,etc. Should have info ready for next board meeting and we will re-vote on this issue with current figures.

We need a new CVPA as soon as possible. Going to have a CVPA for U5-U8 division and a CVPA for U10-U19 division. Sagit can't hold two board positions.

Ken Freeman is still looking for a replacement. Working on splitting his job into as many positions as possible to find a replacement.

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