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 +**Date:** Thursday, Febraury 7, 2013\\
 +**Time:** 7:​30pm-8:​30pm\\
 +**Location:​** Sports Basement \\
 +**Attended:​** Dana D., Paul ,Margaret N., Chandra R., Laren R.,Dave W., Jenny T., Sagit A., and Mark A.\\
 +**Spring Recreational Soccer**\\
 +Our numbers are up from last spring around this time. \\
 +We are hoping to have the following teams:\\
 +  * U5 - no limit. ​ Brian will contiune to coach and take care of this program.\\
 +  * U6C - 6 teams\\
 +  * U8G - 4 teams\\
 +  * U8B - 10 teams\\
 +  * U10G - 2 teams\\
 +  * U10B - 3 teams\\
 +  * U12G - we have 6 registered and 2 pre-registered need a few more girls to make a team\\
 +  * U12B - hoping to make 2 teams\\
 +Need Uniform Count by February 13th to get it by March 13th\\
 +Still working the last details with the City.  We do have the following for games:\\
 +  * San Antonio - U10 and U14/U16 (PCSSL)\\
 +  * San Antonio -U10 (Rec Spring, 9am-11am Saturday)\\
 +  * Hollenbeck - U12 (PCSSL, Sunday)\\
 +  * Ponderosa School U5-U6-U8B/G (Rec Spring, 9am-3pm Saturday) \\
 +  * Looking for another field for U8 games (Saturday)\\
 +Practice fields are same as last year.  Once we finalize I'll mail to coaches.
 +Coaches/​Referee Meeting\\
 +Have it on the same day as equipment Handout March 2nd. Location TBD\\
 +Equipment Handout\\
 +March 2nd Location TBD\\
 +Referee Class\\
 +Dave is willing to teach a Basic Referee class. We have decided to have class for the U8 parents. ​ We will have 7 time slots and need parents to step up.  Class time/​date/​location TBD. \\   
 +**Fall Board Positions**\\
 +We are happy to say that we found and voted in a new Regional Commissioner effective May 1, 2013.  Margaret Noe has been voted in and will be a great asset to this region.\\
 +Brian has asked to step down ASAP and I am willing to take over treasurer. ​ Due to National rules I am unable to take over Treasurer until after May 1st.  Since we focused on voting in Margaret as our new RC we forgot to vote me in as Treasurer. ​ We will vote in Treasurer and Secretary at our next board meeting, Monday April 8th.\\
 +Paul will e-mail parents and coaches by March 1st about the Concussion Awareness\\
 +**National Team/​Games**\\
 +We have decided that we definitely want to put in for U12G and U14G.  Waiting until April 8th to decide if we want to add U10G.  After our board meeting I will put in for the divisions we voted on.
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