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 +**Date:** Monday, November 12, 2012\\
 +**Time:** 7:​15pm-8:​30pm\\
 +**Location:​** 125 N. Mary Ave (Clubhouse) \\
 +**Attended:​** Jenny T., Sagit A., Chandra R., Laren R., Hari C., Derrick S., Ken F.., Brian B, Dana D. and Mark A.\\
 +**Spring Rec Interest**\\
 +DC update on number of kids in each division that would like to play in the spring.\\
 +* U6B - 20\\
 +* U7/U8B - 50\\
 +* U10B - 40\\
 +* U12B - 10\\
 +* U8G - 16\\
 +* U12G - 20-25\\
 +Based on these numbers we are going to offer Spring Recreational Program for U5-U12 Divisions.\\
 +**Spring Recreational Soccer**\\
 +Spring Recreational Program ​ March 16-May 18, registration open on December 3rd.\\
 +Cost  $90.  This amount includes-Uniform,​Insurance,​ Pin (please note: no pictures or trophy)\\
 +Brian looked at the numbers and thought we can go as low as $90 and be okay.\\
 +Walk in Registration event\\
 +Saturday December 15th  4:30-7:00pm (time might change by half an hour). \\
 +Location-Sports Basement. \\
 +Need extra help at this event as Dave is going to give presentation and I will be unable to make it to this one.  \\      ​
 +**Spring Select Update**\\
 +  * U16B - 18 players. Tryouts were done and team is selected\\
 +  * U16G - Brian will look at creating a team from Sunnyvale and San Jose players\\
 +  * U14B - 14 players\\
 +  * U14G - Still trying to see if we can have a team\\
 +  * U12B - 17 players tried out and they were able to create one team\\
 +  * U12G - 25 players tried out and they are thinking of making an A and B team\\
 +  * U10B - 28 players tried out and they are making two equal teams\\
 +  * U10G - 26 players tried out and they are going to make one team\\
 +Dana will gather the info/​rosters and forward them to Jenny to create eayso rosters. ​ Deadline for Select teams is December 15th.\\
 +**Volunteer positions**\\
 +What positions we need to fill on the board.\\
 +To help recruit volunteers we are going to start having a 10 minute presentation at each walk in event before they can hand in their paperwork. This will help with getting more help for the region.\\
 +**Fall Season- what was right/what was wrong/how can we make it better**\\
 +  * As a DC support Coordinator,​ Laren will train the new and current DC's to look at game cards each week and to report any issues to coach admin if necessary.
 +  * U6/U8 coaches will have a separate coaches meeting where we will talk about AYSO and what we expect. ​ They will also have the opportunity to go to at least 2 on field training (Saturdays) before the season begins. ​ Hari will help coordinate that along with UK training for all coaches. ​
 +  * U10-U16 coaches will have a meeting with the coach admin and referee admin. ​ Go over the Regional policies, Referee rules,etc.
 +  * In addition to the above, once the season starts we will have a coach/​referee meeting/​dinner every 3 weeks. ​ This will give our volunteers an opportunity to ask questions and talk to other coaches.
 +This year is the first time that U10 B/G are going to be invited to attend an Area Tournament. ​ Laren was responsible to e-mail coaches and ask for their votes. ​ Based on coaches selection we have two teams that are going to represent us at the Sunday December 2nd Area Tournament in Mt. View.  U10G #5 Fire Tigers coaches by Doug Eivers and U10B #9 Blue Galaxy coaches by Chandra Raman.
 +We are going to have a Board Appreciation dinner on Monday, December 10th.  Family welcome. ​  ​Please RSVP by December 5th so that we can give the correct count number to our caterer. I appreciate all that you do for our region.
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