Date: Monday, November 12, 2012
Time: 7:15pm-8:30pm
Location: 125 N. Mary Ave (Clubhouse)
Attended: Jenny T., Sagit A., Chandra R., Laren R., Hari C., Derrick S., Ken F.., Brian B, Dana D. and Mark A.


Spring Rec Interest
DC update on number of kids in each division that would like to play in the spring.
* U6B - 20
* U7/U8B - 50
* U10B - 40
* U12B - 10
* U8G - 16
* U12G - 20-25
Based on these numbers we are going to offer Spring Recreational Program for U5-U12 Divisions.

Spring Recreational Soccer
Spring Recreational Program March 16-May 18, registration open on December 3rd.

Cost $90. This amount includes-Uniform,Insurance, Pin (please note: no pictures or trophy)
Brian looked at the numbers and thought we can go as low as $90 and be okay.

Walk in Registration event
Saturday December 15th 4:30-7:00pm (time might change by half an hour).
Location-Sports Basement.
Need extra help at this event as Dave is going to give presentation and I will be unable to make it to this one.

Spring Select Update

  • U16B - 18 players. Tryouts were done and team is selected
  • U16G - Brian will look at creating a team from Sunnyvale and San Jose players
  • U14B - 14 players
  • U14G - Still trying to see if we can have a team
  • U12B - 17 players tried out and they were able to create one team
  • U12G - 25 players tried out and they are thinking of making an A and B team
  • U10B - 28 players tried out and they are making two equal teams
  • U10G - 26 players tried out and they are going to make one team

Dana will gather the info/rosters and forward them to Jenny to create eayso rosters. Deadline for Select teams is December 15th.

Volunteer positions
What positions we need to fill on the board.

To help recruit volunteers we are going to start having a 10 minute presentation at each walk in event before they can hand in their paperwork. This will help with getting more help for the region.

Fall Season- what was right/what was wrong/how can we make it better

  • As a DC support Coordinator, Laren will train the new and current DC's to look at game cards each week and to report any issues to coach admin if necessary.
  • U6/U8 coaches will have a separate coaches meeting where we will talk about AYSO and what we expect. They will also have the opportunity to go to at least 2 on field training (Saturdays) before the season begins. Hari will help coordinate that along with UK training for all coaches.
  • U10-U16 coaches will have a meeting with the coach admin and referee admin. Go over the Regional policies, Referee rules,etc.
  • In addition to the above, once the season starts we will have a coach/referee meeting/dinner every 3 weeks. This will give our volunteers an opportunity to ask questions and talk to other coaches.

This year is the first time that U10 B/G are going to be invited to attend an Area Tournament. Laren was responsible to e-mail coaches and ask for their votes. Based on coaches selection we have two teams that are going to represent us at the Sunday December 2nd Area Tournament in Mt. View. U10G #5 Fire Tigers coaches by Doug Eivers and U10B #9 Blue Galaxy coaches by Chandra Raman.

We are going to have a Board Appreciation dinner on Monday, December 10th. Family welcome. Please RSVP by December 5th so that we can give the correct count number to our caterer. I appreciate all that you do for our region.

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