Date: Monday, June 11
Time: 7:15pm-9:00pm
Location: 125 N. Mary Ave (Clubhouse) Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Attended: Jennifer Treichler, Carolynn Santos, Sagit Andrews, Mark Andrews, Paul Merritt, Laren Richardson, Raman Chandrasekar, Brian Bacher, Ken Freeman, David Whittum


RAP Regional Assessment Program - Must complete at this meeting. Thank you all that attended. With your help we were able to finish the RAP worksheet. Initially we were going to apply for the Bronze lever however after last night meeting I noticed that we can actually apply for Silver. This is a great accomplishment. I know there is a few things we need to work on but at least we know what they are now. Attach you will find the approved RAP form I am going to submit to National.

After doing the RAP sheet we are going to work on the following for Fall 2012 Season:

  • Jenny volunteered to put our minutes on the website
  • Laren will update Facebook with information
  • Laren volunteered to create a form to hand out to the parents that will discuss important information they need to know (parent handbook, Goal set up,etc)
  • Paul will look into ordering SAI brochure and Safety Stickers
  • We will discuss a sportsmanship program for Fall 2012 at our next board meeting. (pins/ribbons/coins/etc)

Spring Program - Update/info We talked about the Spring Program and the need to have a Publicity Coordinator to be able to spread the word so that our Spring numbers go up. Also we need to find 3 volunteers that will create rules, coach selection for Spring Select.

All Star Program Didn't have time to talk about it. Will discuss at next board meeting.

Opening Day Ceremonies and Parade Carolynn didn't get enough time to discuss the opening day ceremonies. The board in attendance were able to write down some ideas for the ceremonies. Carolynn will gather the info and will bring it to the next board meeting. The sponsor letter was approved.

Other Ken- Permanant goals for San Antonio will cost about $1500. Ken will gather the info to approve at next months board meeting.

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